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Advanced e-commerce solution for brands on the rise

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Online store

Internet sales are always increasing. With the help of our software you can easily open your online store. We will load items from your stock, from your warehouse and transmit them on the web for internet sales.

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Warehouse on the Internet

Do you want to increase your product portfolio and to open a department store on the Internet? We are here to help! Our software will help link your products with others so that you can increase your product portfolio (sales assortment)

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Wholesale access online

If you are a wholesaler and you need a wholesale B2B portal on the Internet, we have a solution. We will connect the existing software with the online portal to enable your customers to begin ordering goods on a daily basis based on their own conditions of purchase. The software will display customer information, financial data, such as customer card information, the conditions for making claims or fullfilling maintenance agreements, and other data important for wholesale.

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Simple processing of a large number of items

Our software can provide fast and accurate updates on large numbers of items from various locations on the Internet or in different warehouses. We specialize in quickly and efficiently updating information on pricing, availability, description, features articles and images.

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Integration with your information system

Transfer data from your Information System, commodity - financial software and other software that run business activities into your online portal. In addition to the online store, or b2b portal, we transfer data back into your business software in whatever format that you want.

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Administrative panel with analytics orders

A simple administrative panel to update data on the online store helps you keep track of sales, update the content of articles, add slides, etc.

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Easy Setup for your stores

If you want, you can set up your store and create different displays, allow users to register or not, keep track of stock, allow for different currencies, and the like.

Satisfied customers

Nemanja Stanković
It is a pleasure to work with such a company as TiCo Computers, which solves our requests very efficiently and in a timely manner. The company that brought closer the future of shopping to our customers.

Zoran Dimitrijević
We opened our first store online in 2009 and since then, we have experienced constant growth in sales. TiCo has enabled us to update a large number of articles, to increase the range of products, and to be more effective to the customer

Tanja Marković
With ourTiCo online store we have taken our business to another level and our product range is now available throughout Serbia. We have connected our online shop to the iInformation system and every change in our assortment is immediately visible on the internet

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In Case you are opening an online store. If you are willing to start wholesale online.

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About us

TiCo Computers was founded 01.10.1999. year.
TiCo's main activity is the design and development of software for internet trading. Software development is focused in two directions, towards the development of online portals for online sales to final customers B2C (Business -to - customer ) and the development of software for wholesale access to the B2B (Business -to - Business).
In the previous period TiCo in its work offered partners a complete service system in engineering, integration of the sales, installation of IT equipment, video surveillance systems and the design and implementation of information systems. In the past period we have gained many satisfied customers.

Software development:

The idea behind software development dates back to 2001 Then we started the software project of Internet sales (B2C and B2B) integrated with Information system of the user. In 2008. We started development of Information system which included both B2C and B2B internet sales mainly for computer companies. In January 2009. Development ofbusiness software with internet sales module was completed. Besides standard offer it includes solutions which make it extremely efficient and easy to use when dealing with large number of articles, such as: This product was implemented in a number of computer companies. At the end of 2010. Development of software for internet sales as a standalone portal for wide specter of goods and services. Software development was conducted along with continual communication with users and customers in order to solve main problems in internet sales such as not outdated stock of internet store and inefficient update of articles and other internet content. Basic elements: Software requires simple installation, it is suitable both for small stores as well as large sale systems with multiple warehouses and millions of articles. Software enable almost 100% stock accuracy on internet sales point. Advance features of administrative panel enable the growth of internet assortment, automation of large number of activities related to internet store and easy transfer of current staff to internet sales model. Prednost rešenja se ogleda u potrebi da se stalno povećava prodajni asortiman, da se automatizuje što veći broj aktivnosti u radu internet prodavnice, da se postojeće ljudstvo u poslovnom subjektu lako preusmeri ka internet prodaji.
Our software represents significant added value for business most of all taking into account high level of automation of articles management, communication with customers and suppliers. Take a look at stores that we have already implemented: